How the Government and Business Stole Billions from the American Dream of Home Ownership—and Got Caught

For decades, homes were made affordable thanks to the fixed-rate mortgages provided by Fannie Mae. When the bottom dropped out in 2008, this government-backed institution found herself with a giant target on her back. Many know part of the story, but now Tim Pagliara is setting the record straight and revealing the whole truth to the American people.


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As Founder and Chief Investment Officer of CapWealth Group, nationally-celebrated wealth advisor Tim Pagliara has built his reputation on two core principles: Sophisticated Simplicity® and Provable Integrity®. These concepts not only inform the company’s investment methodologies, they create a client experience built on transparency, accountability, and trust.

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The truth behind the stolen American Dream

Most Americans experienced the tragic fallout of the 2008 financial crisis. But few know the depths of the scandal, and how investors were duped by the government and bad faith businesses once the market rebounded. 

In his new book, Tim Pagliara shares his personal experience of being an activist investor in Washington, shining a light into the dark places of the financial crisis. Tim’s work gives readers a deeper understanding of this cataclysmic event, and serves as a call to action for investors to demand accountability from the powers that shape our nation and portfolios.

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“There is a war that you’ve probably never heard of. It has been going on for decades, and if you own a house or aspire to, you need to know about it. It’s a war about brass-knuckle politics and balloon-size pride.”

Whether he’s unpacking the mishaps of the 2008 financial crisis, sharing the story of his journey for justice, or detailing the unique philosophies behind his nationally celebrated wealth management firm, CapWealth, Tim Pagliara’s keynote speeches are sure to provide valuable insights to you and your group.

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