About Tim Pagliara

Tennessee's #1 Wealth Advisor


A thought leader in the securities industry, Tim Pagliara’s investment philosophy is founded on responsibility, integrity, and ethical decision making.

Earlier in 2020, Tim was named the #1 wealth advisor in Tennessee by both Forbes and Barron’s, a list on which he’s appeared for much of his career. He also earned the #1 spot on Forbes and Barron’s in 2018 as well—a first for any Tennessee wealth advisor.

After honing his craft in the financial industry for 20 years, Tim founded his own firm—now CapWealth—in 2000. His vision for the new venture was to create an advisory group committed to alleviating the anxieties that come building and maintaining wealth. Tim remains involved with every aspect of the business, and his values and financial philosophy guide CapWealth’s culture, resulting in the firm’s key differentiators: Sophisticated Simplicity® and Provable Integrity®.

In addition to running CapWealth, Tim has evolved into an activist investor, working on non-partisan projects with elected federal officials to fix America’s debt problem and promote a pro-growth agenda that has the potential to put the country and her citizens on a better fiscal and economic path. In 2014, he founded The Main Street Growth & Opportunity Coalition. The group is a national alliance of businesses, local trade organizations, and concerned citizens that support Tim’s pro-growth hopes for America.

Also, in 2014, Tim founded Investors Unite. The organization would become the inspiration behind his book, Another Big Lie, which tells the story of Tim’s tireless work representing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholders. The group works closely with Washington insiders to seek a full restitution of dividends seized from investors by the Treasury Department.

An active philanthropist, Tim’s foundation, Pagliara Family Charities, helped start a school in Tanzania that now enrolls 4,300 students with a curriculum that prepares them for careers in math and science.

Tim earned his undergraduate degree at St. Louis University and a law degree from St. Louis University School of Law. He also graduated from the Wharton School Securities Industry Institute at the University of Pennsylvania and is a Tennessee Bar Association member.

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